The Story Of Concast India Pvt. Ltd

Who transformed the technology of modern-day casting of steel? In the 1960’s, during the licence raj in India, when only Russian knowhow ruled, Concast (India) Pvt. Ltd. introduced the then emerging European technology of Continuous Casting in the country.

Across 5 decades, Concast India supplied technology intensive Continuous Casting Machines for producing value added steel to various steel plants in India – both in the private and the public sector.

Globally, Concast India has a burgeoning presence in nearly 50 countries.

For the last two decades, Concast India has been adopting video marketing as an effective vehicle for business development. Thus began their association with Pansworld Television.

Pansworld created their first Marketing Video. This was followed by a series of product specific Marketing Videos.

Recently when Concast India celebrated their Golden Jubilee, Pansworld team travelled to 10 Steel Plants across South, North, East and West of the country and captured the performance of their systems and chronicled their story of achieving several successful milestones into a nostalgically inspiring Golden Jubilee Film.

Pansworld’s relationship with customers is of a communication partner in the domain of video production. This bonding is strengthened every time a script is developed, and a video completed. With a deep knowledge of customers’ products and markets, Pansworld brings greater value by creating ‘films with soul’.

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