Training Videos

Training Video takes new employees through in-depth processes about how your product and company run, this can save you time and stress while at the same time making it thorough each time. Pansworld provides total solutions in employee training videos and e-learning modules.

Marketing Video Production

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Safety Training Videos

Pansworld has the experience of creating several safety training videos across multiple sectors such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and on road safety of drivers and vehicles. Our expertise covers safety induction videos for vistors and detailed safety training for workmen with regard to SOP’s and safety Do’s and Don’ts while working at Plants and Machines.

HR Videos

A comprehensive HR video can save a huge cost in training and induction of employees. The content includes code of conduct, code of ethics and understanding of the organization’s culture.

O&M Videos

Pansworld creates videos for Operation & Maintenance of Machinery, Vehicles and Plants for efficinet training of Customers and operators, thereby helping to save substantial maintenance costs.

2D/3D Animation Videos

Pansworld makes various types of animation films to suit the specific needs of clients. They include 3D animation, character modelling, walkthroughs, 2D animation, infographics, motion graphics and VFX based videos.

‘Your Marketing needs, our Video Solutions’

Visually show your employees the journey your business has taken.
Explain your business, not in words but in visions.
Explain complex processes to your team in an efficient manner.