How video content marketing can grow your business?

1. Video content marketing is a powerful tool to influence customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales.

2. Corporate films are an effective way to showcase your products, services and company values, by creating a strong brand image in a globally competitive market.

3. Video Content Marketing can help establish your company as an industry leader by highlighting your expertise, track-record and building trust and credibility, while enhancing brand leadership.

4. Video content can be easily shared on social media, thereby increasing the reach of your marketing message and driving traffic to your website.

5. Video content marketing can be highly measurable, allowing businesses to track engagement, monitor ROI and optimize marketing efforts for long term impact.

6. Pansworld is a video marketing specialist who can create compelling and engaging videos that grab the attention of your customers, resulting in increased engagement and faster conversions.

How to make an effective Marketing Video?

1. An effective video presentation creates a positive impression about your products, while enhancing your corporate brand. Video can also be used as a ‘virtual exhibition’ anytime, anywhere. It’s like taking your factory to the customer.

2. But be cautious about making amateur videos. The conventional boastful AVs do not impress external viewers. A video without a commentary does not convey anything to the target customer. So, how do you differentiate between an amateur video and a professional video? An amateur video may cost you less. But it does not have a convincing content or appealing visuals and may end up creating a poor image of the company.

3. A professional video requires an impactful script. Mere content writing is not script writing. A film script is created by a script writer having in-depth knowledge of industrial subjects and film crafting skills. An expert Film Director can visualize an industrial setting into an impressive presentation.

4. Filming by a Cinematographer with expertise in lighting and camera techniques will capture artistically appealing scenes. Editing by an expert Editor who can blend interesting videos with a high impact commentary, visual effects, animation-graphics, digital colour grading and engaging music.

5. When it comes to both expertise and experience, Pansworld is the most preferred filmmaker to leading corporates across India.

What’s the difference between a Corporate AV and Marketing Video?

1. Corporate presentation videos are generally called Audio Visuals or AV’s for
short. The AV’s follow a content narrative with mix and match visuals. The
narrative has loads of information and often sounds boastful, which do not
impress external customers.

2. A Marketing Video on the other hand has a cinematically appealing script that
showcases the brand value, in an interesting and convincing manner. This
calls for the creative teamwork of expert professionals in script writing,
direction, editing, music and animation.

3. The AV’s do not engage viewers, whereas a well-crafted Marketing Video can
impress customers and increase your market share.

How to choose the Right Corporate Filmmaker?

1. Choosing the right corporate filmmaker is the first step to ensure that your
marketing videos promote your business effectively.

2. The right corporate filmmaker with relevant experience and industry
knowledge can work closely with you to understand your business goals and
evolve the right marketing video solutions to meet your specific needs.

3. Hiring a dedicated and experienced corporate filmmaker will ensure that your corporate film is produced to high-quality standards with an impactful script, compelling visuals, sound and special effects, while ensuring on-time

4. Agencies offering multiple services may not focus on creating great films. An impactful film is the work of a passionate filmmaker.

5. Therefore, choose a specialist in corporate filmmaking with expertise in scriptwriting, multi-location filming and creative video editing with animation,graphics, music, etc., so that your brand will get that competitive edge.