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Pansworld Television is the leading Corporate Video Production company with an experience of producing more than 600 films. Continuously serving many of India’s leading corporates by making Business Promotion films, Ad films, Corporate Branding films, Product films, Project videos, Employee Training videos, HR films, CSR films and Corporate Jubilee films, amongst others…
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A Glimpse into the world of Pansworld

Step into the captivating world of Pansworld, where creativity meets storytelling. In this special video, we take you on a journey through the inception of Pansworld, led by its visionary founder, Joe Pan.

His vision and commitment to excellence laid the foundation for a company that would redefine the art of storytelling through video.

But this video is not just about origins; it’s a showcase of the incredible work that Pansworld has undertaken over the years. Watch as they bring to life the visions of their clients, collaborating with businesses and organizations to create powerful and visually stunning corporate films.

These snippets from their portfolio serve as a testament to Pansworld’s expertise and their ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. From impactful brand messages to the essence of products and services, Pansworld’s work stands as a shining example of cinematic excellence.

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Client Testimonials

What our esteemed clients say about us

We acknowledge the contributions of Pansworld as very dependable and resourceful filmmakers who have always delivered high quality work, even at short notice.

Kalikrishna M
Indian Oil

My heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Joe Pan for his excellent work. Feeling proud that we are associated with such a renowned filmmaker and his team.

Anil Parab
L & T

I have first-hand experience of Joe Pan’s work. He takes special efforts to understand the purpose of film and key message to be conveyed. I wish him good luck.

Sujit Sengupta
Tata Power

Your openness to consider fresh ideas and your willingness to incorporate changes at various stages have all served to underline your strong orientation towards customer satisfaction.

Allen Antao

I’ve been working with Pansworld on a few India-based projects, and highly recommend if you’re looking for a filming and video editing crew. The team has been exceptional to work with and we’ve been very happy with the quality of our final projects.

Jess Wiggs
TB Alliance USA

It was a wonderful experience working with Pansworld team and you on this film. We sincerely appreciate your team’s meticulous approach, creativity, professional approach, and willingness to go the extra mile! The video has come out well and showcases RSM Astute’ brand exactly in the manner we wanted to convey to clients! We really enjoyed working with Pansworld on this project and are hopeful of more work in future!

Siddharth Surana
RSM India

For making a corporate film for our company, I contacted many companies in Ahmedabad and Mumbai and received ideas and suggestions, and saw many corporate films. But the way Pansworld is doing things is different and highly professional. We made an excellent corporate movie for our Engineering division and made it in different languages also.

J.C. Babu


How video marketing can grow your business?

    1. The essence of all marketing is effective communication. The growing influence of video on one side and the rapid spread of social media on the other has created a new dimension to marketing today. Essentially, video marketing is visible communication that can influence customers faster, because ‘seeing is believing’. In social media too, video dominates viewership, likes and comments.
    2. Another benefit is virtual exhibition. Participating in Trade Exhibitions involve long preparations, transporting goods, large expenditure and spending man-hours. On the other hand, a video filmed in your factory, that features products, processes and people is a powerful vehicle of communication as a virtual exhibition anywhere, anytime. It is like taking your factory to clients.
    3. In addition to sales promotion, a corporate marketing video is an important brand builder. In a competitive business environment, mere product promotion is not enough. It has to be integrated with brand promotion as well. And what better way to achieve these dual goals than through a cost-effective, strong content-driven and creatively inspiring corporate video?
    4. Another aspect of building brand leadership is through continuous customer education. Awareness videos on new developments, product applications, Operation & Maintenance, Customer Testimonials, etc., can provide valuable insights to customers while enhancing your brand value.
    5. Today, social media is an important vehicle in the marketing race. Inspiring videos attract viewers and increase your brand image. But one has to be cautious about getting amateur videos made. People judge a video instantly within few seconds! Professional videos are made with creative concepts, convincing script, dynamic filming and creative editing. All these involve a team of professional experts. On the other hand, an amateur video can create a bad impression about the company and the brand.
    6. A professionally experienced production house with expertise in corporate films can provide the right advice and offer continuous service in video content marketing, resulting in effective Sales Promotion and Brand Building.

How to choose the right corporate filmmaker?

    1. A corporate film is an important vehicle for business promotion and brand building. Therefore, producing an effective corporate video is a knowledge intensive task aimed at influencing the market and convincing the clients.
    2. At the heart of a corporate film is developing a convincing script with a creative brand-building concept. This calls for people with knowledge of advertising, marketing and filmmaking, which means getting a Video production Agency with expertise in script writing, direction, cinematography and editing.
    3. An impactful script leads to well planned filming, followed very precise editing. In other words, various professionals seamlessly integrate specialised expertise to create interesting video for effective marketing and branding.
    4. Unfortunately, many videos are still made on a trial-and-error basis by amateurs. Due to budget constraints or other reasons, some companies engage a videographer for the shooting, while the script is prepared by the company staff. Amateur videos do not impress and can defeat the very purpose of having a marketing film.
    5. Therefore, an effective film cannot be made by freelancers or inexperienced amateurs. It requires a specialist filmmaker with complete professional expertise in script writing, direction, cinematography and editing.

How to make an effective Marketing Video?

    1. Videos play an important role in marketing. An effective video presentation creates a positive impression about your products, while strengthening your corporate brand. Video can also be used as a ‘virtual exhibition’ anytime, anywhere.
    2. But be cautious about making amateur videos. The conventional boastful AVs are not liked by external viewers. A video without a commentary does not convey anything to the target customer. So, how do you differentiate between an amateur video and a professional video?
    3. An amateur video may cost you less. But it does not have a convincing content or appealing visuals and may end up creating a poor image of the company.
    4. On the other hand, a professional video involves 5 levels of professionalism.
    5. Mere content writing is not script writing. A film script is created by a script writer having in-depth knowledge of industrial subjects and film crafting skills. An expert Film Director can visualize an industrial setting into an artful presentation.
    6. Filming by a Cinematographer with expertise in lighting and camera techniques will capture an otherwise industrial workplace as impressive visuals. Editing by an expert Editor who can blend interesting videos with a high impact commentary and visual effects. Post production also involves integrating the video with animation-graphics, digital colour grading and engaging music.
    7. When it comes to both expertise and experience, Pansworld is the most preferred filmmaker to leading corporates in India. With an experience of more than 600 films made for companies like IndianOil, Larsen and Toubro, TATA Group companies, Aditya Birla Group, Godrej, Welspun, Bajaj Electricals and many others, Pansworld brings to you a highly professional, yet cost-effective Marketing Video to drive your business to the next level.

What is the importance of corporate video production for businesses?

Corporate videos serve as powerful marketing tools in Mumbai, helping businesses convey their messages effectively and connect with their target audience.

How can I choose the right ad film production company?

Look for a company with a strong portfolio, experience in your industry, and a creative team that understands your vision and objectives.


What types of corporate videos can be produced?

Mumbai-based production companies offer a range of corporate videos, including promotional videos, training videos, explainer videos, and testimonial videos.

How long does it take to produce a corporate video or ad film?

The production timeline can vary based on the complexity of the project. It’s best to discuss timelines with your chosen production company.

What are the key steps involved in corporate video production?

The process typically includes pre-production planning, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production, where all elements come together.

Do I need to have a script or concept for my corporate video?

While having an idea is helpful, professional production companies like Pansworld can assist in scriptwriting and concept development.

How can I ensure my corporate video aligns with my brand's message and values?

Collaborate closely with the production team, share your brand guidelines, and provide clear direction to maintain consistency.

What is the role of animation and motion graphics in corporate videos?

Animation and motion graphics can enhance storytelling, explain complex concepts, and add visual appeal to corporate videos.

Can corporate videos produced be used for online marketing and social media?

Yes, corporate videos are versatile and can be optimized for various platforms, including websites, social media, and email marketing.

What should I consider in terms of budget for corporate video production in Mumbai?

Budgets can vary widely based on the project’s scope. Discuss your requirements with our team to get a tailored quote.