Transforming Corporate Filmmaking

In today’s digitally connected global marketplace, how can you promote business without an effective Marketing Video?

While Video Marketing has become essential today, the flip side is that there are very few filmmakers who understand industrial subjects or brand building strategies in order to create convincing videos.

corporate video production

Few common mistakes:

When it comes to video production, many corporates lack a clarity on what should be the right approach or the content and style. Here’s a look at some common mistakes.

  1. Explainer Videos with graphics and animated text is merely information – centric dynamic PPT, which cannot create a positive impression among the target group.
  2. A video without a voice narration cannot communicate much to an external audience.
  3. Videos with a self-praising commentary are not taken seriously by the prospective customers either.

Professional Marketing Videos:

So, how to make an effective marketing video?

  1. Inspiring script: the script must contain in-depth knowledge of t he subject, presented in a creative cinematic style. This will make the film both interesting and convincing.
  2. Professional Cinematography: Usually, Industrial workplaces are not photogenic. Therefore, an expert Director and Cinematographer can visualize and capture interesting scenes by using high end cameras, special lenses and elaborate lighting.
  3. Value addition through editing and post-production.

Video editing with an appealing commentary, engaging music, graphics, animation and digital grading can give the film a superior look and feel which can impress customers globally.

Today, Pansworld Television is India’s leading specialist in corporate filmmaking. With an experience of more than600 films made for top ranking companies like IndianOilTATA Group, Aditya Birla Group, Larsen & Toubro, Godrej, Welspun, Bajaj Electricals and many others, Pansworld brings to you a highly professional, yet cost-effective Video Marketing Solutions to drive your business to the next level, globally.

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