The Indianoil Experience

The highest revenue generating company in India for several decades in a row and India’s leading name in the Fortune Global 500 list is IndianOil. This petroleum and petrochemicals major is also a dominant player in Green Fuels, Natural Gas, Biogas and Hydrogen Fuel.

Whether you are marketing fuel or any other product or services, video marketing has become an integral part of visible communication today.

Through multiple videos, IndianOil connects with customers, including bulk institutional buyers, dealers of petroleum, LPG and Lube products as well as update the media and the general public on several innovative milestones, quality assurance systems, product launches, Terminal Automation, Retail Automation, Aviation fuel services and fuel delivery at the customers’ doorstep, amongst others.

When it comes to producing these videos, Pansworld has a continuous association with IndianOil. During the last 2 decades, Pansworld has produced more than 100 films for IndianOil alone. This includes 6 award winning films as well.

What distinguishes Pansworld from other players in video production? First of all, their vast industry experience and in-depth knowledge to prepare an impactful script at the shortest notice. Second is their capability to shoot anywhere in India and complete a film within few weeks, or even within few days!

One of the core values of IndianOil is ‘Innovation’. This is reflected in their films made by Pansworld, by setting new benchmarks in creative film crafting.

Speed and accuracy are seamlessly blended by Pansworld to deliver outstanding films at the shortest time span. For example, IndianOil’s corporate branding film set on a song that symbolizes the core values, involved filming across the country from Leh-Ladakh to Kerala backwaters.This was delivered within 6 weeks. In another assignment, 8 films on women achievers were filmed across Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Indore; edited and approved by client – all within 8 days – starting from one Saturday to the next.

When a production agency understands the needs and aspirations of the client, it becomes a win-win situation for both the Producer and the Client in achieving the video marketing goals faster and better.

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