Videos are an integral part of marketing today whose importance can’t be understated. Yet to actually make a professional corporate video with convincing content and a truly contemporary style is quite a challenge. While many filmmakers are good at the art of film crafting, there are very few who can understand the industrial aspects to genuinely make an exceptional script.

Pansworld makes impactful films through the application of dual skills: First is creative film crafting skills, and Second the more important part is the in-depth knowledge of industrial products and markets.

Leading Filmmaker

Pansworld founded by Mr. Joe Pan – a corporate filmmaker with a unique background in industrial marketing and advertising. Joe had begun his career as a Marketing Manager for Process Plant and Machinery.

Later he worked in an Advertising Agency before setting up his own Advertising Agency. From the early 1990’s Pansworld began corporate filmmaking and soon transformed conventional corporate AVs into meaningful ‘films with soul’.

India’s Leading Specialist in producing Corporate Films

Pansworld Television is the leading Corporate Video Production company with an experience of producing more than 600 films. Continuously serving many of India’s leading corporates by making Business Promotion films, Ad films, Corporate Branding films, Product films, Project videos, Employee Training videos, HR films, CSR films and Corporate Jubilee films, amongst others…
Inspiring Scripts

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Professional Direction

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Creative Editing

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Music Production

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2D / 3D Animation

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Voice Over

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VFX & DI Grading

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Video Campaigns

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‘Connect with your audience like never before..’

Stand out from the competition with Pansworld's high-quality Marketing Video Solutions & Corporate Film!!



Script is the foundation of an effective corporate video. Our scriptwriters make an in-depth study of the subject and write technically convincing and creatively inspiring scripts.

marketing video specialist


Pansworld has a team of professional directors who can visualize the clients’ manufacturing facilities and capabilities into presentable videos.



Industrial workplaces are usually not photogenic. Our cinematographers are well-qualified and experienced professionals who through their lighting skills and camera techniques, capture attractive visuals.

Video Process The Video Production Specialist


Pansworld’s highly skilled editors create interesting videos with graphical packaging, VFX, international voice, engaging music, and special effects.

Video Production


An impactful Commentary can lift the film to a higher level. We provide Voice over from renowned international voice artists

Video Production


We write lyrics and compose music for corporate anthems, signature tunes as well as provide original background scores.
specialist animation


We have special capabilities in 3D and 2D animation for character modelling, 3D modelling, and CAD based walkthroughs. Our animation videos involve creative concepts, script writing and preparation of storyboard, VFX integration and editing with voice, music and titles.
Video Production


After editing, we do digital colour grading of the video with aesthetically appealing colour tones, visual enhancements and digital corrections for an international look and feel.