5 Types of Corporate Videos to enhance your Marketing Video Strategy

Marketing Video Strategy

An effective marketing video strategy is the one that combines product promotion with long-term brand building. Brand building in reality is an intelligently evolved communication strategy that connects well with the customers and all prospects. This can be achieved only by creating a positive impression of the company and its products.

Today, the medium that can inspire, impress, and engage faster is corporate video. Gone are the days when companies used one corporate video for 4 to 5 years. Instead of one lengthy video, what works today is a series of short videos to run a marketing video campaign continuously.

Your video marketing strategy helps you create video content that addresses real business objectives—like increasing sales, generating leads, improving brand awareness, and boosting brand sentiment. No matter what your marketing strategy is, it should help you achieve your goals. Creating a video marketing strategy is an important step in building a profitable business. It helps you determine which marketing channels are the most effective for generating leads, and it helps you create a roadmap for building a strong platform for future growth. It also helps you set realistic goals and devise a plan for achieving those goals.

Director of Pansworld Television India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Joe Pan a leading filmmaker during a corporate branding marketing video shoot.
Director of Pansworld Television India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Joe Pan during a corporate marketing video shoot.

Here’s a look at five popular videos used for effective marketing.

Video: Marketing for Corporate Branding

Before buying a product, the customer must have trust in the brand. Therefore, presenting the corporate legacy, successful track record, unique strengths, capabilities, vision, and values must be presented in an interesting and convincing manner in the form of a corporate branding video. In fact, a professionally made corporate branding video must be considered the face of the organization.

Marketing Video for Product Promotion

Is there a better way to demonstrate a product than through an engaging video? A video can showcase the product’s features and operating advantages in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, certain intangible features can also be described through animation and graphics. A product demonstration video helps the customer make a favourable purchase decision faster.

Awareness Videos

You have a wonderful product that can serve the needs of many customers. But does the market know about it? How many prospective customers are aware of your product and its applications?

An ideal solution is to make awareness videos on the various applications of the product. Today, continuing customer education is an important aspect of marketing video communication, which will give the brand a winning edge over competition.

Walkthrough Videos

In many industrial sourcing processes, inspection of the vendor’s facility is one of the crucial steps. This task often takes a lot of time, thus delaying the purchase process.

A practical solution is a well-made walkthrough video of the manufacturing facilities and quality systems.

In a walkthrough video, you can showcase the best parts of your facilities while hiding the messy areas. A walkthrough video may not totally eliminate the customer’s inspection of the factory, but it can help the customer decide to come sooner or at least place a trial order to begin with.

Customer Testimonial Video:

A happy customer sharing his/her experience is the best certificate for your product’s performance. However, guiding the customer to share views in an interesting manner calls for the interviewer’s professional skills. Along with the interviews, additional scenes like the customer at work, seen with the team, the application of the product, etc., will make the video more dynamic and interesting. All said and done, every testimonial video must be a visual story in itself!

Conclusion: Effectiveness of Marketing Video

The five types of corporate videos mentioned above are used for effective marketing. They help companies to create brand recall, build trust, and generate sales. The best corporate videos are those that are able to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner. They should also be fun and exciting to watch.

The purpose of a corporate video is to attract attention and communicate a message to the audience. The best corporate videos are used to promote a brand, increase sales, and build trust with current and potential customers. Today’s sophisticated viewers expect high-quality videos to deliver information and entertainment, and their ability to influence purchasing decisions makes corporate video production a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy. The right corporate video can help turn a good sales pitch into a great sales pitch and build a better relationship with your customers.

Over the past few years, marketing video has exploded as the most effective platform for reaching audiences. Video is the dominant mode of digital communication, and companies cannot afford to ignore it. But as video continues to evolve and become more accessible, it’s becoming an even greater necessity for brand growth. Video is no longer just a way to reach audiences; it’s a way to build relationships, generate sales, and build a brand identity.

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