Need for Video Marketing

Video Marketing

As our way of marketing has changed time-to-time, we are in the era of Video marketing. It has drawn a lot of attention in a short span and conquered the Digital space. That’s when Business firms started recognizing the real potential of videos i.e Video Marketing.

Let me ask you a question. What is Video Marketing?

I’m sure you know the meaning of it but still, I’ll go ahead with explaining to you what exactly it is.

Video Marketing is a video used for promotional purposes like corporate films, training films, digital ads, and many more. They are short videos with a duration of 1-5 minutes for gaining exposure on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Website, Youtube, and many more.

So why do we need Video Marketing?

1. Video is Easier to understand.

Video helps the customer to easily understand the product better. Videos that are Short explanatory videos get a lot of attention and are helpful. Video can gain the trust of the viewers, as the video has product and company details and the viewers can have a clearer image of the product and also the company.

2. Video is very effective

Video is an effective way for promoting your business. Therefore, if you are not making use of video marketing, then you are missing the best means to engage with your customer.

3. Video Marketing helps in the growth of the business

Video gives that visual and audio effect that catches the attention of the client.

4. It is easily accessible and sharable.

Video is easily accessible. We can watch it anywhere and everywhere. If the content is knowledgeable, has an emotional touch, or is humorous the viewers share it in no time on every Social media platform.

5. Boosts SEO

Marketers have said that the Viewers spend more time on websites that have many videos. Websites with video content are more likely to rank on the first page of Google and bing’s search results. Thus, the conversion rate is high when we use videos in our marketing.

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