Amateur vs. Professional Videos

Videos and video making have now been a peculiar part of business firms. Every company needs an engaging video to promote their business and social media is all about videos.

The huge demand in this booming business of making videos has caused a lot of rookie filmmakers to try their hands in making videos. Filmmakers with no experience of videos often make mistakes that do not please the clients. Those mistakes play a crucial part in engaging an audience. As a professional video engages the audience as well as pleases the client. It takes years of dedication and perfection to make an engaging corporate video.

So here are some lists of technical aspects which differentiate an amateur video and a professional video.

Writing- Nowadays audiences have been very keen on viewing their content, there are few aspects that might not undergo their radar but writing is what an audience can quickly understand. That’s a major reason why most of the amateur videos fail to grasp attention. A professional video has the ability to set a basic structure of the content by writing an engaging video.

Cinematic treatment- A visually stunning video with good audio is always an eye-pleaser to an audience. One can differentiate between an amateur or professional video, by the visual presentation and the quality of a video. Most of the time many new filmmakers don’t know the hidden aspects which are essential to make a good cinematic video.

Audio- An average video with good audio is still tolerable, but a good video with bad audio is the worst sin a filmmaker can commit. That’s the most common mistake in amateur videos; for sure audio has other aspects like music and Foley which also enhances the video quality. A good professional video will consist of high-quality sound with great use of music and Foley that can enhance the visuals of the film.

Graphic and Edit- Graphics are the new way of communicating the most technical statistical information in a simple presentation. Graphic designs if used properly it can enhance the look of the video. Most of the amateur videos use old-fashioned graphics with loose editing which spirals down the content of the video. A professional video has good graphics and is executed with great editing skills. A complete package of all technical aspects helps the video to communicate with its audience.